Hi, I’m Javier Cherrera, Product and Service Designer with more than 6 years of experience.

I have worked for global companies using methodologies like Agile, Design Thinking, and Human-centered design. I have also launched projects from scratch which gives me a practical and holistic business vision.



Product design for NFT Marketplace based in Mexico.

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El creador de historias

My first short stories book.

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Product Design for Schools Cloud Software.

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El Almacén

Coworking Space in CDMX.

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Companies I Have worked with:

Experience highlights

I have worked in the digital world for over 10 years.

Worked with BBVA designing user experience for products and services

Work in Yalo chat designing chatbots B2B for companies like FEMSA & Pepsico

Work in the design of a resellers global platform for Mazda.

Also, have a background in advertising.


Product Design

Designing a digital product is not just about having an idea and developing it, it is about creating value for users so they want to use your product.

Business Design

Improve the quality and user experience through a framework of various principles. To have a Business that really matters you need to design for the real needs of people.

Metaverse Design

Creation of spaces and strategies to take your brand to the metaverse. Metaverse is the future of our human digital interactions.

Articles and publishing

Funnel Optimization. My experience working on funnels.

Design is a process and a mindset


We can't jump to an adventure if we don't know why we want it and what we are looking for. Understanding the real problem, the user needs and the vision business is just the start to find the right solution.


A clear objective will lead to a positive result. Making decisions is difficult when we only see a part of the image, we need to measure the impact that our choices will make on clients, competence and every component of the organization.


So you have the why and the what, but you still looking for the better how. Thats the moment to get out of the box, and start to think bigger but focussed.


Let's iterate, don't take anything for granted, we must indentify what is wrong and what is right, and go back if it is needed. The innovation is waiting.

Let's work together!

Also, this is my email: javier@cherrera.co (All fields are required)