Mazda Global Website

In collaboration with Mirum Agency, i participated in a project for Mazda Global. The objective of the project was to build a platform that could be reused and easy implemented by Mazda’s dealers across the world without a quality website, looking to achieve a homologation brand and a better experience identity.

We start to research about the market in the countries where this solution will be implemented. We had a difficult mission as there was like 100 countries mapped, and there was a lot of cultural-language and context variables to consider like internet speed connection or reading direction (not all the world read left to right).

The focus of the research was on the dealers needs but also we put clear the needs of the final users to explore ideas and options that can work for both. We also did a benchmark between their sites to indentify goods and pains around that.

After the understanding of the user needs, we begin to explore the technological options available that will help us to build the best user-friendly solution. We decided to use a CMS, build an unique template based in a block design system to build components that dealers could take as they would like.

So at the end of the project we create a complete an Umbraco template based in components that dealers can adjust at their own needs. We also deliver a manual for a unique experience brand and communication, so the dealers could understand what to do and how.

UX Team: Fernanda Gonzalez, Sergio Gonzalez and Javier Cherrera

About our process


We can't jump to an adventure if we don't know why we want it and what we are looking for. Understanding the real problem, the user needs and the vision business is just the start to find the right solution.


A clear objective will lead to a positive result. Making decisions is difficult when we only see a part of the image, we need to measure the impact that our choices will make on clients, competence and every component of the organization.


So you have the why and the what, but you still looking for the better how. Thats the moment to get out of the box, and start to think bigger but focussed.


Let's iterate, don't take anything for granted, we must indentify what is wrong and what is right, and go back if it is needed. The innovation is waiting.

Let's work together!

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