#Product Design


The University of Guadalajara was looking for a way to move all of its documentation and student records to a digital platform, for a lot of reasons like becoming paperless and having a more efficient way to access to data. They knew very clearly what they need, so our focus was into get the best user experience for this digital platform.

As our client was thinking of software that could work as an intranet, we propose a platform in the cloud where they could store all the information, explaining to them the advantages of using the cloud instead of an intranet. The experience definition process was carried out together with stakeholders and users, we started to draw all the information needed and categorize it according to the more logical way for users, for this we made a card sorting to group the fields in a way that made sense for everyone.

The design was intentionally clean visually as it was an administration tool mainly and the main use form users will be consulted information. We did a few iterations to the structure of the content, and we made a solution that filled the needs of the client and its users.

Although this platform was designed especially for our client, we realized that what we have created could work for more companies, so we decided to start to build a product adapted to more cases, and that’s how Boombase was born.

About our process


We can't jump to an adventure if we don't know why we want it and what we are looking for. Understanding the real problem, the user needs and the vision business is just the start to find the right solution.


A clear objective will lead to a positive result. Making decisions is difficult when we only see a part of the image, we need to measure the impact that our choices will make on clients, competence and every component of the organization.


So you have the why and the what, but you still looking for the better how. Thats the moment to get out of the box, and start to think bigger but focussed.


Let's iterate, don't take anything for granted, we must indentify what is wrong and what is right, and go back if it is needed. The innovation is waiting.

Let's work together!

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