El almacén

El almacén was my first project as an entrepreneur. The core idea was to create a coworking space for the creative industries. Through events like conferences, workshops, and design exhibitions, the creative community was reunited to meet and collaborate on various projects.

Las noches de almacén

A bimonthly meeting where two speakers talk to the community about design and entrepreneurship. With an influx of 150 people per event.

Mapping Weekend.

Mapping Weekend Body Edition

Mapping Weekend Body Edition,

Posted by Mapping Weekend on Monday, July 11, 2016

Videomapping workshop on a weekend that ends with an open public exhibition. We was sponsored by Epson and other companies.

De-mandado de diseño mexicano

A design exhibition that wanted to show the design in its real context, involving the collaboration of designers and local businesses. Changing the perception of design exhibits from being something elite to something more inclusive and real.





About our process


We can't jump to an adventure if we don't know why we want it and what we are looking for. Understanding the real problem, the user needs and the vision business is just the start to find the right solution.


A clear objective will lead to a positive result. Making decisions is difficult when we only see a part of the image, we need to measure the impact that our choices will make on clients, competence and every component of the organization.


So you have the why and the what, but you still looking for the better how. Thats the moment to get out of the box, and start to think bigger but focussed.


Let's iterate, don't take anything for granted, we must indentify what is wrong and what is right, and go back if it is needed. The innovation is waiting.

Let's work together!

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